We stay true to the original values of our craft, to produce authentic Italian pizza.

Our passion is for real pizza. Not the many variations that use the name very loosely. We strive our hardest to produce pizza according to the original process developed in Naples, in order to achieve the highest standards.

This means leavening the dough for at least 12hrs so that it remains light and crispy. It also means importing clay bricks from Campania and building on-site an authentic Forno Tradizionale Napoletano. Most importantly, it involves hiring an award winning pizza chef from Naples. Needless to say, we use no artificial additives, preservatives or other oddities which sometimes make their way into pizza.

Napoli Oven

What difference does an oven make? Quite a lot actually.

We are very proud of our Forno Tradizionale Napoletano. It wasn’t easy to bring here, but rarely are good things easy. We sourced our hand-made clay bricks from a traditional small producer in Campania, to be sure of their quality. We then entrusted these to Giuseppe, a world-renowned builder from Naples and let him create his work of art. We know that for many people all brick ovens are the same, but believe us they are not.

The Forno Tradizionale Napoletano is designed for pizza. The shape, structure and materials ensure that the right environment is constantly maintained to produce a light, fluffy base and an all-round perfect pizza.


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